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Hello, new people! Somehow we have gained about six people since I last checked, about four of which are completely new to me and didn't even need to be brutally coerced into joining. The fact that people are actively of their own free will adding themselves to our ranting descent into a love/hate relationship with moe moe singing robots both gives me solace that we are not alone and also terrifies me.

This is, by the way, still not a post about Gumi. SUCK IT, MOPTOP.


(Puzzle, Miku, Rock/Pop)
One of the latest Big Sensation tracks that's probably going to get covered by everyone and their dogs. It's worth it, though, a catchy tune with some great instrumentation and a cool video.

【ニコニコ動画】【初音ミク PV】from Y to Y

(from Y to Y, Miku, Easy Listening / Pop, MMD)
A soft, piano-y track with a nicely boppy beat, this song's pretty famous by now and has been done in the past, but a recent version included a completely breathtaking MMD video that totally deserves a watch.


(Love Sail Voc@loid, Miku, Pop)
... yeah, okay. If you have somehow avoided hearing this before - bloody well done. If you haven't you should probably watch the Miku's 2nd Anniversary video and see how many references you can spot. Cute animation and the mother of all classic vocaloid songs.

【ニコニコ動画】【鏡音リン】捨猫Russian Blue【オリジナル】

(Discarding Cat(?) Russian Blue, Rin, Easy Listening/Jazz)
Another pleasant slowish track, filled with overly twangy guitars and a reasonably smooth disposition that traipses over the line into Jazz a couple times. Also, for once, not Miku.

【ニコニコ動画】[初音ミク] No You, No Me [オリジナル曲PV付]

(No You No Me, Miku, Pop/EL)
Yes, yet another pleasant slowish track. Those of you close to sleep may wish to skip this week's linkdump. If you don't you'll get this track, which sounds spacey and soft enough to be right out of Katamari Damacy.


(Harvest, Rin, BAGPIPES FUCK YEAH/Traditional/Chant)
Bagpipes! And flutes! And panpipes! And rapidfire chanting-like lyrics! And a song I simply can't classify! It's pretty cool, though.

【ニコニコ動画】【初音ミク】 In Your Hands 【オリジナル】

(In Your Hands, Miku, Rock/Pop)
A reasonably generic, if listenable, rock track with some nice violins in the background. What? I'm allowed moments of generic weakness.


(SparkRING", Rin, Big Band/Rock)
Yeah, you totally saw that classification right. Ignore the completely ridiculous name that implies jpoppy hyper - this masks a orchestral and guitar covered fanservicey Rin making a variety of allusions. Also I'm pretty sure pedobear's kicking in there. Great tune.

【ニコニコ動画】[鏡音レン] 雷鳴アンプリファ [オリジナル]

(Thunder Amplifier, Len, Rock)
LOOK MA, LEN'S NOT DEAD. I suppose it makes a change from normal for the kid. Anyhow this rock track's reasonably good, though the voice is a tad weird. But it's Len! He gets to do something for once other than get killed in MMD videos!

【ニコニコ動画】【PV】ワンダーラスト Piano REMIX【巡音ルカ】

(Wander Last Piano REMIX, Luka, Trance/Pop, MMD)
First things first, the video contains the, uh, 'fan-made' Luka MMD model, which means it is kind of ... well, you'll see. But ignore the model and concentrate on the rest of the video's gorgeous effects while listening to a glorious piano mix with only a few apocalyptic overtones.

【ニコニコ動画】[初音ミク] 罪と罰 [オリジナル曲]

(Crime and Punishment, Miku, Club/Rock)
I've always been partial to a relatively mindless toe-tapper. Fading off into trancey slow repetitive sections then back into rocking choruses, this is a good mix for my musical tastes. So I get to put it here.

... also yeah feel free to. Participate. I'm going to go cry in the corner for my lost innocence. And then go back to looping Strabo Nights.
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