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Since I keep forgetting to crosspost.

It's that time again - a smattering of new tracks from the Nicovideo top 100 this past week. If you're new the comm and not sure how to play these, you can find links both for signing up for Nicovideo and for ripping files from it in our profile. The IRC channel, as mentioned, is #stupidsingingrobots on irc.lunarnet.org 6667. If you're wondering what you're missing by not being in there, well, here's a smattering of recent examples, names withheld to protect the not-so-innocent.

"so I found a video last night where someone decided it would be a good idea to have Miku sing One-Winged Angel"
"awww it's an actual len song where he doesn't die, though the picture does imply him freezing to death in a cave"
"dammit why is no one here when I found a Gumi song called Sexcalibur"
"kaito and len brofisting"
"yaranaika magnet is best magnet"
"I'd like to note that I found a Project Diva video of Meiko singing about how she could get Kaito off her mind if she just, you know, had a chance to step on him in stiletto heels"

So there you go.

【ニコニコ動画】初音ミク・巡音ルカ・寒音ジミ・その他オリジナル曲 「BEAT!」

(BEAT!, Miku + Luka, Highly Adorable Pop/Rock)
From the same album as Toy Box, this is easily my favorite of the update - a completely adorable rock tune with a habit of falling away into soft trance-esque beats, BEAT! is a wonderfully listenable track which features half the other Vocaloids on backing.

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I return from Atlanta, which was alternately blisteringly hot and frighteningly rainy, only to find that in my absence singing robotry has continued apace. You can now find us on IRC at irc.lunarnet.org, #stupidsingingrobots, should you be so inclined, and by the by Floor is terrible people.

There has also been a ton of new crap on Nicovideo, of course, and while I'm too tired to go through most of it, here are some of the more recent ones. Some of it isn't even Miku, and even less if you count fandubs. PS: I am a terrible translator and usually leave fandubbers names out. If you want me to add them TELL ME WHO THEY ARE.

So, without further ado, barring the sound of quiet sobbing in the corner, the music.


(Bright World, Miku, Rock/Pop)
Easily my favorite of this update, from the same artist as Jigsaw comes another fantastic soft rock Miku track. Top-class work from the dude, and it's just as good as his last work.

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Yeah, I just don't know what half the entries this week are on. To make up for it, there sure are a lot of them, though. Oh yeah, since it's come up - these aren't necessarily completely new songs, they're just whatever Nicovideo's had it's eye on recently. So there y'go. Again, if a video's tagged MMD, then it features a silly singing robots video using MikuMikuDance, the animation package. If it's marked Typographic, then it's got floating text crap by that one guy I'm getting just a little bit tired of.

In other news we are pretty much doomed; some horrible people who will go unnamed may have started something terrifying. It is left as an exercise to the reader to figure out who might be who.

... I wonder if I should add them as maintainers?

You lucky people get two songs above the cut because there's so damn many this week. We stride the line solidly between a collection of complete what-the-hell, and a massive amount of solid, awesome tracks. In short, Japan loves us. As ever, corrections to my translations (especially fandubber names, I am terrible at learning them) are welcomed.

【ニコニコ動画】【ミクリンレンルカハク】飛べない烏と迷い犬 SPEdition【オリジナル・MMDPV

(The Crow Who Could Not Fly And The Stray Dog -Special Edition-, Miku + Haku + Len + Rin + Luka, THRASH METAAAAAAAAAL, MMD)
This is the first of two - yes, two - videos featuring practically the entire group of vocaloids (Gumi and Gakupo clearly don't count, and Kaito's busy doing his own emo videos) rocking out with instruments via MMD Band Edition to a pair of surprisingly good tracks. If nothing else, watch it for the amazing video.


(Dischotheque, Miku, Pop/Jazz)
An astounding video, made up of SHAFT-style papercraft animations and strange cuts of material, encompasses this smooth track with fantastic singing robotting. Discotheque clearly isn't it's real name, but without understanding wtf that katakana is on, it stays.

The best of the rest. )

Also, since we never explicitly mentioned: yes, posting is absolutely public. Go for it.

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