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Yeah, I just don't know what half the entries this week are on. To make up for it, there sure are a lot of them, though. Oh yeah, since it's come up - these aren't necessarily completely new songs, they're just whatever Nicovideo's had it's eye on recently. So there y'go. Again, if a video's tagged MMD, then it features a silly singing robots video using MikuMikuDance, the animation package. If it's marked Typographic, then it's got floating text crap by that one guy I'm getting just a little bit tired of.

In other news we are pretty much doomed; some horrible people who will go unnamed may have started something terrifying. It is left as an exercise to the reader to figure out who might be who.

... I wonder if I should add them as maintainers?

You lucky people get two songs above the cut because there's so damn many this week. We stride the line solidly between a collection of complete what-the-hell, and a massive amount of solid, awesome tracks. In short, Japan loves us. As ever, corrections to my translations (especially fandubber names, I am terrible at learning them) are welcomed.

【ニコニコ動画】【ミクリンレンルカハク】飛べない烏と迷い犬 SPEdition【オリジナル・MMDPV

(The Crow Who Could Not Fly And The Stray Dog -Special Edition-, Miku + Haku + Len + Rin + Luka, THRASH METAAAAAAAAAL, MMD)
This is the first of two - yes, two - videos featuring practically the entire group of vocaloids (Gumi and Gakupo clearly don't count, and Kaito's busy doing his own emo videos) rocking out with instruments via MMD Band Edition to a pair of surprisingly good tracks. If nothing else, watch it for the amazing video.


(Dischotheque, Miku, Pop/Jazz)
An astounding video, made up of SHAFT-style papercraft animations and strange cuts of material, encompasses this smooth track with fantastic singing robotting. Discotheque clearly isn't it's real name, but without understanding wtf that katakana is on, it stays.

【ニコニコ動画】【初音ミク】1st music【PV付オリジナル】

(1st Music, Miku, Rock, MMD)
The song isn't very good, to be quite honest - Miku's voice is way too high and grating most of the time, but the guitars are fantastic and the already good video gets hilarious at about 3 minutes in when the guitarist superimposes himself on the MMD background.


(Maid of Sleepless Beauty, Miku + Haku + Len + Rin + Luka, THRASH METAAAAAAAAL, MMD)
The second of the truly amazing thrash metal videos. I like the general sound of this track better than the first, mostly because it falls away into more softer sections, and because Luka's entire rapping section is pretty hilarious.

【ニコニコ動画】罪と罰 歌ってみた【みーむ】

(Crime and Punishment Fandub (Miimu), Miku Fandub, Pop)
A fantastic redub of a recent entry, Miimu belts out this sort of dancey-trancey pop tune with a vengeance. The original was already one of my recent favorites - this is even better.


(Two-Faced Lovers Fandub (Fall Red Sound), Fandub, Pop... ish)
If you didn't watch the original, go back one update. We'll wait. Now, load this one up. This fandub-slash-parody of Two-Faced Lovers makes up for the number of notes it cracks with boundless energy, complete inability to take itself seriously, and an awful lot of weird out-of-nowhere references. I like to think the title properly translates to Two-Faced Singers, myself.


(Puzzle Fandub (Valley), Miku Fandub, Pop)
Another one for the 'astonishingly well-done redub' pile, this version of Puzzle is simply fantastic; while the basic mix of the song isn't changed unlike the previous Crime + Punishment, the singing is basically breathtaking.

【ニコニコ動画】【初音ミク】ムゲンノホシゾラ Full ver.【ザ☆ネットスター風PV】

(Infinite Starry Sky, Miku, Europop)
I was totally hooked from the first synthchord, I swear. This is an unabashed and completely cheesy NHK reference through and through, only superceded by the video that itself decides to pisstake every little thing about Nicovideo it can possibly get it's hands on. Also features roadroller danmaku, Len in an Idolm@ster skirt, robots butting in in sexy style, and if you're keen of eye an absolutely fantastic use of the top advertising bar near the end.

【ニコニコ動画】【初音ミク】加速世界 -アクセルワールド-【オリジナル】

(Accelerator World, Miku, Pop)
Getting back somewhere more towards non-insane territory, this is a listenable pop track that earns points for harpsichord, piano, and a high-note-holding Miku that doesn't hurt the ears too much. Watch out for near the end, when things get rapidly more epic.


(Morning Call, Kaito, Pop, OSTER Project + Rocker Bunny OTP)
Oh. Oh OSTER Project. We thought you might have stopped your slow descent into complete madness, but we're so pleased to see you haven't. Rocker Bunny makes an appearance in this hilarious video and song, a love story for the ages done in full-on 80s anime design style. I am so proud, okay.


(Secret Crush, Rin, Easy Listening)
A fantastic piano line accompanies a very clean, no-frills Rin song that's a pleasure to listen to.


(Baby Baby Goodbye, Miku, Rock)
Weird and often atonal track meets weird and atonal video catch, has babies. I kind of like this, though I can understand it not being other people's cups of collective tea. But it thumps well and rollicks along at a good pace.

【ニコニコ動画】【鏡音リン】少し動く Be mine! 【手描きPV】

(Be Mine!, Rin, Pop)
While I don't think much of the song, personally, I can't deny it's got a fun energy to it. Not to mention that any sense of bad feeling is completely swept away by the most adorable animation I've seen in a video for some time.

【ニコニコ動画】【鏡音リン】月隠 -ツキゴモリ-【ヤスオ feat.骨盤P】

(Hidden Month, Rin, Rock)
To finish off the update, have a reasonably generic but still pretty rocking Rin Vocarock song.

Also, since we never explicitly mentioned: yes, posting is absolutely public. Go for it.
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