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(Hereafter Clear because I am a capitalization nazi.)

Introducing: MAI HUSBANDO. (。・ω・。)ノ The comm is now active enough that I can shameless and guiltlessly dedicate a whole post to my favorite male nicosinger. :'D

Clear started his nicosinging career back in July '08 and he's currently one of the most well-known singers in the world of Vocaloid covers. As his name would indicate, he has a very clear, easy on the ears voice, and... while he is obviously aware of the size of his fanbase and loves to play up the wai wai bishie act, he never overdoes it like other singers out there.


One of those fandubs that rank higher than the original in the Nicosound listings. A fantastic song that showcases all aspects of Clear's singing, from his (now vanishing) vibrato to his shameless bishounen act. Incidentally, before the tags were cleaned up, there was one called "the 2:54 incident" attributed to his sexy おいで ("come here") at that exact moment in the song. Watch the video only to see the comments explode with laughter, squealing and "I'M COMING"s when it happens. :'D

More Pantsu Ouji over here. )

PS: Stelas is shunned for linking Sweet Sweet Cendrillon Drug a couple of posts ago before I could get to it myself, but you should totally check it out too, if you haven't. :|d
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This is probably relevant to no one but me, but.

September 10
20-23:00hrs Japan time
Live-radio with Clear, Dasoku and others. They will sing for the first hour and a half, then take requests for the remaining time.

That's, er, 6AM my time.

I... may be about to reach a new low, fffff this fandom.
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Hahah, oh, Magnet. I almost can't believe I'm doing this for my first song post.

Okay, so a bit of backstory! A couple of months ago when I first seriously got into the fandom, I started following the Weekly Vocaloid Ranking! And the first time I watched it, this song was in the first spot. It's now fallen to the 10ths/20ths, but it's one of Those Songs that will take forever to get kicked out of the countdown. I liked the song a lot, but after seeing it on the chart week after week and hearing over fifty covers in different styles by different people it... kind of gets a bit old. IN FACT, I KIND OF STARTED LOATHING THE SONG A BIT.

But! Nicodouga is full of amazingly talented people and some of them have made really amazing covers! THIS POST IS ALL ABOUT THOSE. The few versions of Magnet (plus a couple of extras) I actually enjoy and don't make me want to kick puppies. BUT FIRST, LET'S LISTEN TO THE ORIGINAL, SHALL WE?


The producer of the song is Minato/RyuuseiP (aka Nicosinger: Tolie), well-known for other great hits such as SPICE! and RIP=RELEASE. It's a nice ballad by Miku and Luka, very catchy, and kind of terribly cheesy. BUT SINCE IT WORKS REALLY WELL FOR YURI/YAOI SITUATIONS... well, we'll get into that in a bit.

Subbed version

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