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(Hereafter Clear because I am a capitalization nazi.)

Introducing: MAI HUSBANDO. (。・ω・。)ノ The comm is now active enough that I can shameless and guiltlessly dedicate a whole post to my favorite male nicosinger. :'D

Clear started his nicosinging career back in July '08 and he's currently one of the most well-known singers in the world of Vocaloid covers. As his name would indicate, he has a very clear, easy on the ears voice, and... while he is obviously aware of the size of his fanbase and loves to play up the wai wai bishie act, he never overdoes it like other singers out there.


One of those fandubs that rank higher than the original in the Nicosound listings. A fantastic song that showcases all aspects of Clear's singing, from his (now vanishing) vibrato to his shameless bishounen act. Incidentally, before the tags were cleaned up, there was one called "the 2:54 incident" attributed to his sexy おいで ("come here") at that exact moment in the song. Watch the video only to see the comments explode with laughter, squealing and "I'M COMING"s when it happens. :'D

More Pantsu Ouji over here. )

PS: Stelas is shunned for linking Sweet Sweet Cendrillon Drug a couple of posts ago before I could get to it myself, but you should totally check it out too, if you haven't. :|d
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Yes, yes, I know I said the next update would be GUMI-licious, but I'd totally forgotten about Miku's birthday and... well.


NEXT UPDATE, FOR SURE. In the meantime, I present you a selection of Miku classics from the past two years! Though no covers or remixes because otherwise this post would get even more huge. I'll just have to give each of these songs a separate post in the future, I guess.


Obviously. This is Miku's anthem, catchy to the point of infectiousness, and also one of those songs that will never, ever leave the weekly ranking. Somehow, I can't bring myself to mind.

Project DIVA PV ... Okay so maybe I lied about not linking other stuff. This is here only because the choreography is absolutely adorable. And I kind of know it already, just by watching it too many times.

I'll give you more MikuMiku under the cut. )

AND NOW I AM LE TIRED AND NEED TO RUN OUT TO THE BANK... I will tag this post properly later. Fffff, also for reference, here is the Miku Birthday tag @ Moontube. I am clearly not getting anything done today. :(

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