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Hahah, oh, Magnet. I almost can't believe I'm doing this for my first song post.

Okay, so a bit of backstory! A couple of months ago when I first seriously got into the fandom, I started following the Weekly Vocaloid Ranking! And the first time I watched it, this song was in the first spot. It's now fallen to the 10ths/20ths, but it's one of Those Songs that will take forever to get kicked out of the countdown. I liked the song a lot, but after seeing it on the chart week after week and hearing over fifty covers in different styles by different people it... kind of gets a bit old. IN FACT, I KIND OF STARTED LOATHING THE SONG A BIT.

But! Nicodouga is full of amazingly talented people and some of them have made really amazing covers! THIS POST IS ALL ABOUT THOSE. The few versions of Magnet (plus a couple of extras) I actually enjoy and don't make me want to kick puppies. BUT FIRST, LET'S LISTEN TO THE ORIGINAL, SHALL WE?


The producer of the song is Minato/RyuuseiP (aka Nicosinger: Tolie), well-known for other great hits such as SPICE! and RIP=RELEASE. It's a nice ballad by Miku and Luka, very catchy, and kind of terribly cheesy. BUT SINCE IT WORKS REALLY WELL FOR YURI/YAOI SITUATIONS... well, we'll get into that in a bit.

Subbed version


While I'm a total sucker for the twins, I'm not a very big fan of this version. IMO it sounds too... saturated? Their voices are all too similar (duh) and so the contrast in the duet gets lost. BUT, it seems to be pretty popular amongst fandom, anyway, so here it is!


... I wasn't going to link this, but then I realized "HEY, KAITO DOESN'T SOUND COMPLETELY TERRIBLE HERE!" and the art is pretty hot, so. There you go!


A yurilicious duet singing a yurilicious song. I love Yamai's voice, Usa not so much, but this still makes for a very pretty cover that actually manages to stay "true" to the original.


Hnnnngh, THIS is the version that actually saved Magnet for me. Leaving aside the fact that Clear is my favorite male Nicosinger, this version is just so nice to listen to. And Dasoku, while he isn't the best out there, he makes a pretty decent "Gakupo" in this song, and the fact that it's a duet helps cover any and all of his unnecessary porn sounds. :D


This is one of those covers that you have to hear to believe. I'll make individual posts for both of them later, but in the meantime, enjoy this! Also, note that one of the tags is "1+1=4 right?" >D


Like the above, but... the other way around, though now with the lyrics slightly changed and bonus homo, Engrish, and Evangelion. STILL FUCKING AMAZING, SERIOUSLY. I'll get to giving Piko his own post eventually, but this should be enough to give you an idea of how good he is. T^Td

Youtube mirror with translation


Look at that preview image and tell me you don't want to click on that, I dare you. In other words, yes, this is exactly what you think, though perhaps a bit more wonderful... or terrible. I really can't make up my mind. IT INCLUDES BONUS ROMEO+CINDERELLA AT THE END, which is also really beautiful. :'D

Aaaand I'm getting tired now, so that's it for Magnet! ... For now. Because fandom just doesn't get tired of this song WRRRYYYYY. If you don't believe and/or would like to listen to more, you can always check out the 16/32 people one holy crap what.

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