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Yes, yes, I know I said the next update would be GUMI-licious, but I'd totally forgotten about Miku's birthday and... well.


NEXT UPDATE, FOR SURE. In the meantime, I present you a selection of Miku classics from the past two years! Though no covers or remixes because otherwise this post would get even more huge. I'll just have to give each of these songs a separate post in the future, I guess.


Obviously. This is Miku's anthem, catchy to the point of infectiousness, and also one of those songs that will never, ever leave the weekly ranking. Somehow, I can't bring myself to mind.

Project DIVA PV ... Okay so maybe I lied about not linking other stuff. This is here only because the choreography is absolutely adorable. And I kind of know it already, just by watching it too many times.

I'll give you more MikuMiku under the cut. )

AND NOW I AM LE TIRED AND NEED TO RUN OUT TO THE BANK... I will tag this post properly later. Fffff, also for reference, here is the Miku Birthday tag @ Moontube. I am clearly not getting anything done today. :(
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Hahah, oh, Magnet. I almost can't believe I'm doing this for my first song post.

Okay, so a bit of backstory! A couple of months ago when I first seriously got into the fandom, I started following the Weekly Vocaloid Ranking! And the first time I watched it, this song was in the first spot. It's now fallen to the 10ths/20ths, but it's one of Those Songs that will take forever to get kicked out of the countdown. I liked the song a lot, but after seeing it on the chart week after week and hearing over fifty covers in different styles by different people it... kind of gets a bit old. IN FACT, I KIND OF STARTED LOATHING THE SONG A BIT.

But! Nicodouga is full of amazingly talented people and some of them have made really amazing covers! THIS POST IS ALL ABOUT THOSE. The few versions of Magnet (plus a couple of extras) I actually enjoy and don't make me want to kick puppies. BUT FIRST, LET'S LISTEN TO THE ORIGINAL, SHALL WE?


The producer of the song is Minato/RyuuseiP (aka Nicosinger: Tolie), well-known for other great hits such as SPICE! and RIP=RELEASE. It's a nice ballad by Miku and Luka, very catchy, and kind of terribly cheesy. BUT SINCE IT WORKS REALLY WELL FOR YURI/YAOI SITUATIONS... well, we'll get into that in a bit.

Subbed version

The rest go under the cut! )

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